For deep cleaning heavy stains in tubs, on tiles and grout

Instructions ROG 1 Cream Cleaner with snap top cap

How to clean your Kohler Bathtub Slip Guard Bottom:
(strong yet mild cream cleanser for removing stubborn stains without the use of bleach).

Step 1: Shake R.O.G. 1 vigorously.
Step 2: Squeeze out on bathtub bottom and allow to effect for a few moments.
Step 3: Scrub with nylon bristle brush or the scrubby we enclosed in your kit.
Step 4: Rinse well until clean. If not clean repeat the same instructions
For Commercial Customers use a hogs hair pad with a power Makita or 6 inch orbital sander – apply scrubby hair pad to hook and loop bottom, apply pressure and scrub bottom of bathtub until stains are removed.

                            For deep cleaning soap debris build up on tubs, tile and grout

Instructions ROG 3 Royal blue cleaner with Foaming Spray Head

How to maintain your Kohler Bathtub Slip Guard Bottom:

Step1: PLEASE ATTACH FOAMING SPRAY HEAD TO BOTTLE FOR BEST RESULTS WITH LESS SCRUBBING TIME. Gloves may or may not be worn, as ROG is NOT harmful to skin, except if open abrasions of skin are present. DO NOT SHAKE – as this is concentrated and not necessary. May be diluted: three parts water to one part R.O.G.3.. for not-so-stubborn stains use right out of the bottle.

Step 2: Spray ROG 3 directly on surface to be cleaned. All tiles and tub, Allow to sit for a few minutes, than with a nylon bristle brush, scrub area vigorously. Depending on how soiled the area will dictate how much pressure should be applied. For heavily soiled areas repeat. ROG 3 may be used full strength for stubborn stains, soap scum & may be used as an all-purpose cleaner if diluted. This product should drop all soap debree on tile walls with out scrubbing.

Step 3: Rinse well until clean. If not clean repeat the same instructions



ROG 3 is the best cleaner for the following uses:

It may be used directly on All your brights ( faucets ) stainless steel, kitchen sinks, cast iron, porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs, true tile floors, ceramic, Formica pieces/walls/cabinets & counters, brass, polished copper, chrome, even fiberglass boats and boat decks. Bathtubs, tile walls and floors. Grease Traps, Ovens, Pots and Pans- for aluminum dilut 5 parts water to one part ROG… Jewelry (safe for 14K & 18K gold) soak first, scrub and rinse to shine. Driveways (removes grease and oil stains)
Clothing (use for grease and oil stains by using very little) Air Conditioning Coils (Rinse well after cleaning)

NOT TO BE USED ON: Marble, granite, painted surfaces, painted bathtubs and any previously repaired surfaces.
Please follow directions carefully. We appreciate your interest in our cleaners.
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Kohler care guidelines for
bathtubs, whirlpools, & showers.

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